Monday, February 4, 2008

My New Mantra

It's just one word, but It does so much.

I have taken the weekend to regroup, stop and breathe. Too many days, I felt as if I've been stretched to the breaking point. It's made me overly emotional, stressed, and has caused me to lose focus on what is really important.


I took the weekend to have some much needed me time. I said "No" to the Super Bowl party (and sometimes friends don't make it easy) and I hung out with Zoe and read a good book. Indulged in some very good hot cocoa with extra large marsh mellows, and I feel so good today. It is by far, the best Monday, I've had in a while.

Tonight, weather permitting, I'm going to fall into my Ipod and take a long walk outside. My back-up plan will be yoga. Those poor exercise DVDs haven't seen the light of day in a while.

In days, where everyone and everything is in a great rush, it's worth taking time for yourself.


Jeff said...

Hi Mandy.

Everyone needs time to ease off the pedal.

Enjoy it, because you most surely deserve to.

in search of balance said...

Oh, that all sounds so nice. Relax... we could all learn from your new mantra!

I love to hear you sounding okay. I know it's been tougher than any of us could know for you lately, and I am so glad that you're finding some peace amidst all that chaos. Keep it up :)

Take care, Mandy.