Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Internet Intervention

Wow! It's been awhile.

After a small relaxing break, life suddenly became very busy and hectic. Actually work took a huge turn towards stress. Unexpected book deadlines, and new projects presented themselves in avalanche fashion. It called for an intervention. An internet intervention, that is.

I found myself, diligently working away on my computer only to drift off to Firefox. Sneaky little devil. Leading me to my favorite websites, blogs and links to new websites. Two hours later, I'm tired, it's late and I've accomplished absolutely nothing. Turns out I have no internet control, so I had had to detox.

Now that many of my projects are manageable, and work has slowed a little, I am gratefully plugged back in.

I have to admit how surprised I am that it was so hard to disconnect. I never realized how much I relied on my online sites to soothe me. How much I missed finding out about events going on in the DOC world. It's amazing to me that the voices of so many people I have never really met have such a profound impact on me. I truly look to so many for inspiration, motivation, and encouragement. Imagine all the amazing people I would never know about if we didn't have such power at our fingertips. It's hard to believe those days without the internet ever existed.

I remember only having the library for research. I can't imagine going through my diagnosis today, and only having a cold emotionless bookshelf to turn to. As I approach the big 3.0. on Thursday, I am constantly thinking about the leaps and bounds that technology and invention has taken. Most of all, I am thankful that it has brought me here.


Jeff said...

Hi Mandy.

I'm glad it brought you here, too! We all rely on each other to keep the spirit of the DOC alive. No "cold, emotionless bookshelf" can ever do that.

I hope you have a happy "big 3-0" tomorrow, and that all your projects continue to be more manageable and less hectic.

Mandy said...

Thanks Jeff!
Tomorrow I plan to PARTY!

dae said...

it's great to have you blogging again, i missed reading your blog! :) we all disconnect sometimes, but something always brings us back to the DOC. oh yeah, happy birthday!! :)

Mandy said...

Thanks Daena!
It is always good to reconnect. The DOC definitely has a boomerang effect. It's amazing how a few written words can impact your world. Now if I could just get back and start over with D-365. I have failed with that project. Kudos to you Daena, you photos are awesome.

Mandy said...
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Beth said...


Servidores said...
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