Monday, July 28, 2008

HOLY GUACAMOLE: A Recipe for Friends For Life

This month began with my first diabetes birthday and ended with my first CWD Friends For Life Conference. There could be no better name for such a life changing experience for anyone who is touched by Type 1 diabetes.

Children, parents, grandparents and adults, from more than a dozen countries, affected by this disease, gathered together and welcomed each other with open arms in a way I have never seen before. A family like no other, and I met the most amazing new friends as seen on Manny's blog.

Those friends and family who knew I was planning to attend this conference, never ceased to remind me that I am not a child OR a parent of a child with diabetes. Truth is, I didn't need to be. I shuffled around learning all kinds of lessons in both formal classes and from new friends. I have many stories to tell, but for now I'll leave you with just a few of the things I learned:

1. I'm not the only "young" adult with diabetes in the world... who knew!
2. The word Guacamole or Guac makes an excellent substitute for some other
unsavory words that might pass through my lips around innocent ears (Sorry
kids, if I slipped occasionally)
4. I must fire my dictator, I mean doctor.
5. Some people, like Sara, are really good at board walk games
6. And most importantly, I AM NOT ALONE.

Thank you to all those wonderful angels I met this past week!


Sara said...


It seems like we are all posting these summary posts as we figure out what we really want to say.

And I WILL be stealing this picture!

Mandy said...

I knew you'd appreciate the guacamole!

It's quite hard to summarize something so special.

Allison said...

Hi Mandy,

It was great to meet you in Orlando! Hope you're getting back into the swing of things at home.

:) Allison B (the other one)

Dana said...

Hey Mandy! It was great to meet you at CWD - especially since you are *gasp* somewhere between an hour and an hour a half away from me in the glorious but lonely state of Alabama!! (difference of times depict a)driving speed and b) whether i'm at home in Hsvegas or rocking out Ttown). Glad you had such a great time!

Mandy said...

It was great to meet you as well. I hope you had a wonderfully romantic end to your trip!

It was a definite pleasure to meet you as well. I can't believe someone else in AL has diabetes...I'm still in shock.
HSvegas?...LOVE IT!Let me know when you're in TTown and maybe we can get together sometime.

Kerri. said...

Mandy - it was so nice to meet you. And I hope you're able to find a helpful new doctor who gets you pumping with whichever pump you decided to stick with.

I know you were fixin' to pump. :)

(and don't forget to email your contact info to my office email - sparling at dlife dot com)

Anonymous said...

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