Thursday, July 31, 2008

So Pumped!

Goofy picture aside, I'm so pumped about pumping!

Last week at the CWD conference, I had the unexpected pleasure of trying out 2 insulin pumps with saline. The plan was to ask my doc for a script before the conference, but I sank with intimidation during the actual visit. Fortunately for me, there were nice people available at the various pump companies who were writing scripts. SHHHH! Don't tell. Imagine my surprise when the rep said, "do you want to try it?" -Yeah!

In my excitement to try the pod, I almost forgot about the insertion factor. You know, that unexplainable fear of something not just poking me with a large needle, but ACTUALLY REMAINING UNDER MY SKIN. This has long been a road block in my interest for a pump. I was pleasantly relieved when they placed the pod on the back of my arm, and the most painful part was waiting for the pod to strike. No pain. AT ALL. Heck, a finger stick was more painful than that.

The next day I was Pinged by Animas. Again the excitement almost surpassed the fear. We got to do the complete prep of filling the reservoir and rewinding the pump. I was totally fascinated, but as we pulled out the Inset 30 (the one with that really long needle), my fear returned in full force. This was different than the pod. The pod required no real work from me. I just awaited the needle. This one required that I cocked it like a GUN, aimed and shot myself with this device. I prepped it and held it up against my skin, feeling my face begin to redden. The trainer counted down to the count of 3.

3. 2. 1.


I couldn't do it. It's just not normal. I felt as though it was my first self-injection, surreal and invasive. I told the woman that I couldn't do it in the most serious tone. She answered back very up beat, "Sure you can!" WHAP! She nailed me on my back, and out of surprise I pushed down on the buttons. It was in before I even realized I did it. No pain, no discomfort, and no reason for that massive anxiety.

The rest of the day, I was flashing my site in triumph and playing around with every feature on the pump and ping I could figure out. With all the saline boluses, I was being seasoned like a ham. I played with it for a full day, and even had my first occasion to figure out where to put it in a dress. The ping makes that so easy! I hid it on the back of my bra and then bolused with the ping in my purse. No need to mess with the pump at all. VERY COOL!

Between the insertion sites and being attached to something 24/7, I had reservations. Now I'm having pump envy against all of you who wear a pump. The flexibility and control is unmatched by shots and pens. I still don't think I could do the pod pump, because I know I would lose the controller. If it's life saving AND ultra important, it doesn't stand a shot of staying around. The other pumps are now in serious running against each other for my love and affection. Now, if I can just get my doctor on board.


Colleen said...

From one who just stuck herself with her first needle last week, way to go on trying out the pumps. I hope you can convince your doctor!

Sara said...

I just noticed this morning the pumps on the end of the weightligfting bar. You are too funny!

I think the perfect pump would be a MiniMed pump with the Animas ping thing.

And if your doctor isn't pro pump (I don't remember if we talked about this) switch doctors! A lot of us do to get the pump we want.

Dana said...

I'm curious who your doc is? In bham I suppose? We'll have to compare notes - I've seen three in bham and finally found one I like. If you want the pump you should get it!

I agree - MiniMed + remote with a screen (like the Ping) + CGM = heaven!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the support. Sounds like you just took a huge step yourself. It's never easy when you first start, but it does get better.

Right now any pump but the omnipod would be perfect. AKA I'm fixin to switch endos!

I would love to know who you've seen and who you like. My doc's last name starts with Ros and ends with ..enthal. I feel guilty writing his name out, in case I'm being too harsh with how I feel. I don't have any others endos to compare him to.

asskeeper said...

If you doctor don't come onboard. I am flying down to Alabama to get him onboard. Keep me posted. Your nutty friend from FFL Wendy. I finally had time to locate your blog. I have just been so busy this past two weeks.

Sara said...

And you are going to post an update when?

Are you just waiting for me to send you the group picture?