Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Last Friday, I got a UPS notice that something required my adult signature and that they have missed me twice on delivery. Since then, it has been torturing me that I don't know who it's from or what it is. The only info I could get from the tracking # was that it was from Massachusetts. Adult signature required... could it be pump stuff? No, I haven't ordered any. A belated Christmas gift? No, I don't know anyone from there. I repeat, it was absolutely driving me nuts.

So today I come home to a UPS package in front of my door. I suppose signatures are not required on Tuesdays. Of course, I run upstairs and open it, before I could even let my dog out. I sliced open the package and Presto! No really, that's what it was. I got the Agamatrix Presto meter that I signed up for IN JULY at the CWD conference. It came complete with every pamphlet they could throw at you, an extra customized leopard case, red meter and a discount cards for strips.

Now I would be really excited if it came with actual sample strips. I've heard from a lot of people that Agamatrix meters, like the Keynote, are pretty accurate. This is why, it was the only meter I was super interested in at the conference.

It did come with the discount card, but NO ONE sells their strips (or meters) in B'ham in retail. NO ONE! I will have to order them online, where I can't use the discount card. Now, in all fairness, their strips are really reasonably priced, but I would like to actually try it before investing further. I also hate having to wait on something to ship before I get to use my new and nifty gadget.

Curious to excited to disappointed in a matter of minutes. Oh well, till I get around to ordering anything, it will be one more meter I get to add to the diabetes closet.


asskeeper said...

It is odd yours didn't come with 10 strips. Mine did. Interesting. I am going to ask the others if they got strips. If it is the presto. I happen to have seen them in the walmart.

Sara said...

I'm trying to remember if I signed up for one too...

Crazy how we are still receiving items from last year when many of us (hint, hint) are making plans about attending THIS year.

Mandy said...

Hey Wendy, Unfortunately, our Walmarts don't carry them.

Sara, Is it that time already? You going?

Meaghan Cassidy said...

Hi Mandy,
I noticed your post about wanting to try out the WaveSense Presto meter 'before investing further.' I actually work at AgaMatrix, and I'm going to talk to Albert to see what he can do about helping you out.

Also, we're working really hard to make sure that our meter is available in Wal-Mart. I don't know where you're located exactly, but keep looking for Presto and Presto strips! You may want to let the pharmacy manager know that you're looking for Presto in particular.


Albert said...

Hi Mandy!

If your Wal-Mart Pharmacy is out of WaveSense Presto meters or strips, your Pharmacist can order them and have them delivered the next day.

Just shoot me an e-mail at achen[at]agamatrix.com and I'll fill you in on getting some (free) strips. :)