Friday, March 27, 2009

DOWN Like the Market

Lately my mood has been ... well down.

With all the lay offs around me and fears of what the future might bring, I can't help but feel unprepared and helpless. Last Monday, we were told that everyone in our company would have to take a mandatory 2 week unpaid furlough. Granted, I count myself very lucky not to be laid off, or have a permanent pay cut. Many of our sister papers have had 15% across the board pay cuts, lay offs, and many have closed. My friends regularly send me cartoons with the newspapers labeled RIP in graveyards and such. Last week, my mom called and got my voice mail at work. When I called her back, she was absolutely panicked because my voice mail said that I "could no be reached at this extension." She just knew I was fired (thanks mom!). As it stands, we have had 6 people moved out of the design department leaving the remaining few of us overworked. The stress and uncertainty is wreaking havoc on my control.

Worry is sometimes a helpful tool. I do not know if our industry will survive, and so I have spent a lot of time dwelling on what I need to do to prepare. My faith is helping me though so far, and faith sometimes works in mysterious ways.

I have taken the past 2 days off. Work is really busy, and since I now have over 5 weeks off, it seemed like a good time. It has been a great break, today especially.

I went on a relaxed mid-morning run at the local greenway. As I was heading back toward my car, 6 bikers flew past me. I noticed that one of them was a multiple amputee. He had lost his left leg at the hip and left arm at the elbow. AND HE WAS RIDING THAT ROAD BIKE WITH ONE LEG! AMAZING!

When I got to my car, they were all gathered around the parking lot. There were at least 20 military amputees, and they were all in competitive training. Most were on road bikes, some were on arm powered bikes.They even had service dogs who were romping around the bikes, clearly having a blast. They were all so nice and positive and INSPIRING! I talked to a few of them, and words can't describe how I felt afterward. It certainly put my life and attitude in check. Like with any disability or obstacle, it seems like spirit and true determination can overcome.

I left there feeling hopeful, optimistic, and oddly powerful. It was just what I needed for my stock to go up.


Scott K. Johnson said...

There are so many things in life that we can't control, we have to trust in our faith that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. That alone can carry us through some of the toughest times!

And how very cool to get to chat with that group of bikers! Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking about you. Please keep us updated. Glad you got to chat with the bikers.