Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Notes

1. Giving Blood Saves Lives....
Just not mine.

As part of the season for giving, United Way held a blood drive at our office. I dutifully went, with sweaty palms, to give blood for the first time. After all my new experiences with needles, and much blood letting at the doctors office, I just knew I would be prepared and brave (despite the somersaults my stomach was performing). I waited for what felt like an eternity, as I watched people get poked with large needles and squeeze rubber balls. Finally, I completed a screening only to be rejected!

Apparently, there is a weight limit, and I'm slightly anemic so there was no donation from me today. I wondered if I would have a problem with the diabetes, but this time the disease didn't get in my way...the rest of me did. I left feeling as if my blood was somehow not worthy and sub par. Oh well, I tried

2. Race for the cure is this weekend and I am geared up and ready to run! It should be great weather and I can't wait. Later, comes the JDRF walk and I am still mad at work to raise money.

3. Funny bit...
Apparently China had another toy recalled for safety. See left.

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Jess said...

LOL I just scared my roommate with my laugh at that slide. That is just hilarious. Thanks for the belly laugh.