Monday, October 8, 2007


Finally the mystery has been solved!

For a few months now, I've have the undeniable feeling that someone has been messing with me. Little things at home have disappeared or have been moved from where I've put them. Strange noises have plagued my sleep. I was starting to think I was losing my mind with how truly forgetful I had become. Then last night happened:

It's 3:15 am and I wake up in a sweat, feeling like I'm definitely low. I roll over to grab my meter to test, but find nothing on the nightstand. Not my meter, not my glucose tabs...nothing. Still out of it, and somewhat asleep, I get up thinking that I KNOW I BROUGHT MY METER WITH ME. I also KNOW there were tabs on the nightstand. I roll...OK ...I fall out of bed, and stumble downstairs to find my meter and get some juice.

Now if 'd been thinking clearly, the juice would have come first, but I wasn't. I starting looking for my case on the couch, then under the couch, then in my purse. In a frantic dance, I am now tearing apart my living room apart because I KNOW it is here somewhere. I have learned there is a fine line between being low and losing your mind, and I am now having trouble picking things up with my hands. This forces me to head to the fridge and chug the apple juice strait from the container, while I sit on the ground in front of the fridge and wait to come back up.

When I was finally feeling better, I got up to continue the pursuit of my meter, but after 30 minutes I gave in and headed back to bed. As I got to my bedroom though, I could hear my dog digging and whimpering from the corner of the room. As I called to her, and flipped on the light, I found her looking as if she were trying to dig her way to China. She looked up with a clear look of guilt, and when I pulled her out of her bed, I found it. ALL OF IT! My meter, my tabs, my lipstick, my keys to my car (I had been using my spare set). EVERYTHING I had been missing was buried in the blanket of her dog bed.

Man's Best Friend... I don't think so!
Zoe is clearly a thief, and I can now be sure that I am not completely losing my mind (at least not anymore than usual).


Nicole P said...

Oh, how I love this story. Funny, mischievous dog!! :)

Mandy said...

While I love her dearly, she has now caused me to putting everything up high. Thank goodness, she's a tiny dog with limited access.