Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Crazy, Stressful, Wonderful Week

Halloween definitely came early for me this year. Full of terrible tricks and great treats as well.

My last week was solely devoted to the car and it's untimely demise. I have to admit, the timing couldn't have been worse. My sugars were running abnormally low (great reason for Halloween candy!) and I had so many other things I needed to get done. After days of painful car shopping and NINE hours of negotiations, I now own a new pewter(fancy word for metallic gray), 2008 Honda Accord. I know, I know, it's not my Celica.

I have officially dubbed it "my grown up car". In truth, I LOVE IT. I am no longer praying to get to work safely. It drives well, and has that new car smell. I am also so proud of my negotiation skills, especially with a dying car to trade in. Like I said, nine hours in talks and a high spike of a 364 from 74, but I got my car way cheaper than a used car. Stressful, but totally worth it. It was an unexpected blessing and even my car insurance WENT DOWN!

On Saturday, I went with my wonderful friends, to my first JDRF walk. This was by far the highlight of my week. The turn out was great and it surprised me to see how many people this disease touches. With the team T shirts and signs so elaborate and meaningful, it was clear to see that spirit and determination were high. The big D may have it's frustrating, painful and certainly heartbreaking moments, but all I saw Saturday was strength and resilience in all those who attended. It was truly inspiring, and I was humbled to walk next to them. I hope one day soon, there will be no need for us to walk.

Later that night, there was no rest as my friends came over for scary movies, food and fun at my annual Halloween party. They are incredible, and insisted on bringing the food over to relieve me from my mad frenzy in the kitchen. I guess they know I'm now broke. LOL

Now I am finally unwinding, and curiously my sugars are steadily on the rise. It's weird how stress affects that number. For a few days last week, I couldn't get above 90, staying mainly between 54-74 and NOT FEELING IT (never had this happen). I had reduced my insulin, and still had the lows. I was starting to doubt my diagnosis, till I had the spike at the dealership. Not sure what to make of last week, so I'm now focusing on other scary things. Things like the horror marathon on tonight, and the sweets haunting me while I wait for kids to knock on my door.


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