Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trying New Things

It's true. I did it. I joined the NaBloPoMo movement.

The challenge: to blog everyday in the month of November.

I'm excited! I'm forcing myself to focus, leave behind my ADD ways and STICK TO SOMETHING.

Ready ...Set...Go!

Today is also the beginning of National Diabetes Awareness month which includes the Unite for For Diabetes Day on Nov. 14th. It's so exciting to see the happenings going on to help raise awareness and eliminate this disease.

I'm dumbstruck when I think about all the little things that concerned me on a daily basis just one year ago, compared to now. Diabetes was a word that had no meaning to me. Now it crosses my path daily as a necessity, not to mention all the personally invested time dedicated to that one word. I now know probably more than most doctors about the disease and it's management. I have become a dedicated reader to some truly amazing blogs written by some absolutely inspiring people. I have engaged myself and created a blog (which still shocks me!) and joined networking sites to communicate with others who understand. I have raised money and walked for a cure.

Diabetes is a terrible thing, but it has empowered me. I now take charge of the things in my life, like never before. I have grown and seen a side of life to which I was previously blind. It has introduced me to some incredible people, and for these things I am grateful. It's amazing the difference one year or one event can make.

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