Saturday, November 10, 2007

365 Delayed

I have to say, I'm feeling inspired. My inspiration? All of the wonderful people snapping photos for the diabetes365 project. It's an amazing photo graphical representation of what it means to live with diabetes.

In my excitement of finally deciding to participate, I started a Flicker account. I also charged the batteries for my camera and was ready to snap my first shot. I have to admit it was hard to take one shot only. I became aware of all these everyday D-related photo ops. Kinda scary, but now this is what I call my life.

As I got my computer ready to upload and officially join the project, I was upset to see my computer cable and card reader were at work. Skunked again! This has not deterred me, but only delayed me.

If you haven't seen the site, please do...I repeat, It's amazing.

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