Thursday, November 15, 2007

WDD - The Aftermath

I must admit, I spent a good bit of my day hopping around many websites and blogs that shared their experiences of World Diabetes Day. My "to check" list was long, and I found myself taking every stolen opportunity at work. Wait for a file to a blog. Wait for a program to open or a file to save...view photos in video slide show.

I find myself pulled into it, this day of awareness, these people determined to see things change for the better. The ironic sense of sadness shared with great hope and determination poured through D-bloggers' posts today. I felt connected and only wished I could have been a part of it. I wish I could have been an advocate or an event coordinator. This incredibly strong, call to action pulled me in this week. A cause that had not even crossed my mind 6 months ago. A disease I knew absolutely nothing about, and now all the people touched by this disease seem so close and so important. Everyone vulnerable to it.

All yesterday, the closest I came to WDD was through papers, TV news and the web. I found what I was looking for on the Internet. Stories, photos, and amazing spectacles of blue filled me with hope for the future. I was disheartened though, by the fact I heard the mention of it no where else.

On the local news, I heard about national adoption month. On the national news channels, I heard about presidential campaigns swallowing yet another foot, political turmoil in Pakistan, and a child's suicide that was caused by another girl's vengeful parents. NO WDD. nothing. not a blue light in a photo, or a proclamation or a march. In fact, I've heard more about "going green" this month than diabetes awareness month. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive about it.

Here I am all geared up for this phenomenal event, years in the making, and no one around me shares my excitement. I told my mom about it, and she said, " That's nice honey." Clearly not interested, but polite. On the Internet, the support seems endless, and then I am rudely reminded, that I am alone in this. In truth, I can say I would not have known or probably cared if my circumstances had not changed. It seems you truly have to be touched in some important way to get involved this emotionally.

Now, I am more determined than ever to do something. anything. I just want to get involved. I want the me from six months ago and all those who were just like me to understand the seriousness, the growth, and misconceptions of this worldwide epidemic. It is just too important not to. I know all too well, that diabetes does not discriminate. If it can happen to me, with a practically 0% chance of getting it, it can happen to ANYONE at ANY TIME. Now I just have to figure out how.


Jeff said...

Hi Mandy.

I agree with you that the inattention was everywhere in the media. It was disappointing.

But we have a whole year to prepare for the next WDD (there is going to be one, right?) Maybe we bloggers should consider various ways of stirring the pot leading up to next November, like contacting local newspapers and television media in our respective cities with requests to fit us into their programs & publications.

I have some other ideas that I will post on my site in the future in order to see what sort of reaction they get. There's really nothing to lose by trying, right?

Feel free to drop me a note anytime via the "Contact me" link at if you have any thoughts on the matter.

Mandy said...

Hey Jeff,

That is definitely the mentality I like to hear. Think of all the things we can do in a year. November shouldn't be the only month that diabetes is brought to the forefront. It certainly isn't the only month people have diabetes.

I am looking forward to checking out your site, and expect to hear from me. It's good to have someone to bounce ides off of.