Sunday, November 4, 2007

Pancreatic Resuscitation?

Dare I dream? STOP THE FUNERAL! IT'S ALIVE!!!! Frankenstein has nothing on me!

I'm starting to think my pancreas has come back from the picket line and the strike is over. That or maybe it's the cold weather. maybe it's the honeymoon? I'm not sure, but something strange is going on.

About a month ago, I had another C-peptide test, which came out miserably low. Now, I'm thinking someone has shocked my beta cells back to life. For about two weeks I have been running low staying within 60-90 (not counting the readings after consuming massive Halloween candy). I have always been extremely insulin sensitive, so my over all dose is around 14 units a day. Now I've lowered that to just 8. For that I'm greatful, but perplexed.

Last night with no insulin with dinner at all, I had a low of 40 a few hours after! WTF?!! As I checked my meter, it told my in the last two weeks I've has 8 highs and 14 lows. 14!!!! That's ridiculous. Most of them, like last night, I had no sign or warning. I just tested on my normal schedule and was floored with the result. This morning I woke up at a beautiful number of 72. After my coffee I was 164. I'm so confused. Is this the honeymoon or maybe my pancreas is playing tricks on me, exploiting it's dysfunction and random hiccups. It's so easy to think that it will continue to work without that added help of the extra insulin. For now, I choose to be optimistic and carefully continue to lower my doses. Only time will tell.


Bernard said...

That's weird. How long have you had the big D for?

I came across your blog because of NaBloPoMo. And I've added your site to the diabetes search engine.

Best of luck with November's postings!

Mandy said...

Thanks for adding my site!

Not long. I was diagnosed in July of this year, so I'm a newbie. But I'll agree it's pretty weird. I'm starting to think it might be the honeymoon (although it never hurts to get your hopes up). My readings are pretty irratic these days.