Monday, November 19, 2007

Numbers Even When I Dream

Oh the stress.

I admit it. I have the tendency to stretch myself a little too thin. Among my many projects, wedding planning and my regular work, I am currently illustrating a book. Not just any kind of book either. It's a math book, and it is proving to be quite the challenge.

It's certainly not the kind of project I would normally do, so I'm a little out of my element. The author wants me to help make the book "approachable" and easy to read. Did I mention, it's for an adult audience...not a child.

Throughout the process, I have been swimming in numbers. OK, maybe drowning would be a little more accurate. Between my blood sugar checks, my carb counting and the book, I am now seeing numbers everywhere. I close my eyes and they move past me like on the Jumbo trons at games. It's almost like when I became obsessed with Tetris, and I began seeing the falling pieces when I tried tried to sleep. Only now it's the numbers.

As I'm staring at the pages of the book, my brain starts to interpret it as some kind of archaic language that I am TOTALLY not meant to understand. In fact, I think I might need a break from my computer screen, since my eyes are beginning to cross. I need to stop and eat dinner, but you know what that would mean....


in search of balance said...

I tagged you!

Jeff said...

I hear you on the numbers thing, Mandy.

My "favorite" is when I'm coming out of a low, knowing that I've eaten way too much more than necessary to bring myself back to normal, and then trying to calculate how much insulin I'll need to cover the overcarbing without sending me back to hypo-ville.

Non-diabetics don't readily understand that recovering from a bad low is a lot like having a hangover without the stomach ache. In that condition, about the only math I can handle involves changing the channel on the TV.

Elise said...

Keep up the good work.