Friday, November 23, 2007

Sweet Sound of Laughter

It was the sweet sound of laughter that rang throughout my Aunt's house yesterday. Kid's playing tag and running through the halls testing everyone else's balance. We adult's were sharing our own stories of work and play as we caught up with one another. Grievances and Thanksgiving War stories were traded and created. For instance, my mom argued with me for over 25 minutesm telling me my gas tank was empty. I actually had over half a tank, but she refused to lean over and check until we had arrived at our destination. Then she said she saw that I had gas, but of course refused to say she was wrong. Note One: Mothers are never wrong...don't even try to correct them.

Our family is quite small. There were only twelve of us, including the five children present. The food spread told a totally different story. We had enough food to feed an army, including a massive fried turkey, and a honey ham. Believe it or not, but there were not even leftovers. Our family CAN EAT!

Up until this year, the holidays have been a little tense. After losing both of my grandparents, the glue that held our family together seemed to fail. It was as if there was an emptiness, certainly not the same. This year that cloud lifted.

Everyone was at ease, and kids always seem to bring such new life and vibrance to the family. Especially the youngest. He is not even a year old, but had us all laughing 'til we hurt. He would rock back and forth and just smile so wide. I now consider him to be our little rock 'n roller.

Family can sometimes drain you, but this was soul satisfying. I am so thankful to have that time with them. With all that excitement, my blood sugars didn't even phase me. I survived my first official Holiday in grand form. Can't wait till Christmas.

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