Wednesday, November 7, 2007


That is the only word that came to mind after reading a post today from Amy Tenderich at It was concerning a speech given by the head of the ADA, Richard Kahn.

After reading his speech and checking out some discussions in the forum "Type 1 Adults" at (of all places), I am appalled. Richard Kahn, a prominent and important person in the diabetic community,labeled as an "advocate", basically questioned the need for current advancements in things like insulin pumps and CGMS systems. It seems people would do better if doctors simply reminded them to take their medicine, instead of prescribing or developing new drugs to enhance long term outcomes. He also questioned the need for type 2s on diet or oral medications to test their blood sugar on a daily basis. Such wreckless comments are ignorant and offensive to all those who struggle with or are affected by diabetes. I think HE SHOULD BE ASHAMED!

I understand that as long as capitalism in the medical industry exists, it creates a very real reason to postpone finding a cure. After all, things like gouging people with the cost of test strips, would be obsolete after the disease is eradicated. All the companies invested in development would lose it's market and it would be farewell to this cash cow. This is in a way it's own conflict of interest. Having said that, I do not think that while we wait for a cure, we should be subject to a lower quality of life. Without advancing tools and treatments (regardless of the price), you are punishing those who are not lucky enough to live to see the cure. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. If there are ways to make this burden more bearable, with hope of a better outcome for our future, there should be no question as to whether or not they are financially worth it. A message doubting this (especially from the head of the ADA), could potentially hurt all of the progress people have already made with insurance companies over things like coverage of the pump.

This irresponsible behaviour should not be tolerated and I suggest that everyone keep checking Amy's site for a petition she is creating. We can't let this go!

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