Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ornamental Additions

I broke down and put up Christmas decorations. I put up my tree with all my lights, and the I got out my ornaments. So many of my ornaments mark big events, like when I brought my baby girl(puppy) home or the dove ornament, I put up after my grand father died. It reminds me of the importance of the people and the moments that shape my life.

This year I added a new ornament. It's not very pretty, and looks rather displaced on the tree. It's not warm or shiny. It does not stand out among all the others and I'm OK with that.

My new ornament is the first insulin pen I was handed at the hospital. Now it is empty, and still has the faint odor of old band aids, but I kept it. It means something very important to me. It does not represent the beginning of a chronic illness/terrible disease, but the lifeline that saves me every day. If it were not for the insulin, my disease would not be chronic, but my life would be over. For this reason, I hold it in very high regard. Definitely a love/hate relationship, but I can never deny it's power or praise.

It is my one new addition to the tree and it represents my future.


Jeff said...

That's a great decorating idea, Mandy. No one can say that it's just "ornamental," either! It truly represents life to people like us.

Mandy said...

Maybe one day, it will only be ornamental.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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