Friday, November 30, 2007

Mission NaBloPoMo - Accomplished

I can't believe it. The end of November is here and so is NabloPoMo. This was a very interesting month for me, full of firsts. My first Diabetes Awareness Month with diabetes. It has included, fabulous events that were part of World Diabetes Day, that I witnessed through a host of many amazing bloggers. My first holiday season involving the balancing act of fun, food and insulin. My first blog and participation in NaBloPoMo. By getting involved with my own blog, I've felt a part of this wonderful online community. I even started participating in Diabetes 365!

Up until last month, I had lurked and maybe posted one or two comments. Now I have survived NaBloPoMo, and managed to post everyday throughout the month. It certainly wasn't easy! I'm so sorry if I've bored anyone with mindless ramblings to accomplish this. It has been good for me to stick with it, proving that I can finish something I have started. It has also made me feel less alone in struggling with the daily adjustments that surround the diabetes. I just want to say thanks to everyone out in the DOC.


Jeff said...

Congrats, Mandy. No boredom here! I always enjoy stopping by to read your posts.

Mandy said...

Thank you Jeff.
You are more than kind.