Saturday, November 24, 2007

What's The Score?

With the college football season winding down for most people, this weekend marks the only game I get emotional over. The Auburn- Alabama game.

My friends all come over to watch the game. As I am typing, the room is filled with the classic mix of yelling and frustration. No matter how many times I tell them that the players/coaches can't hear them through the TV, it only seems to encourage them to get louder. Of course, I'd be lying if I'd acted like I have not yelled a time a two tonight.

Which brings me to my point. It's the end of the game and I'm deliberately removing myself from the best part of the game. As all my excitement, anger and anxiety rose, apparently so did my blood sugar. Up until now, I had been restrained and did not par take in the pizza, chips and snacks. I'm still trying to make up for my Thanksgiving sins. In a wave of hunger, I decide to have a snack and I test. My score is 224. Stress? probably. So, I'm skipping the snack (much to the dismay of my stomach!) and benching myself from the game in an attempt to correct. I'm still not comfortable with correction boluses especially at night, so I'm arming myself with water and time. At least 'til I test again later.

BTW. I'm pretty sure we're going to win. WAR EAGLE!


Jeff said...

Hi Mandy -- We go to many pro hockey games every year, and I have to force myself to remain calm and not to become too excited over the action on the ice. I test about twice during each game, and find that my numbers stay pretty good when I keep calm.

Mandy said...

I loved going to hockey games, when we had a team in town. We have trouble keeping sports alive in this city - unless it's college football.

BTW, keeping calm IS NOT and easy task! I commend you.

Naomi said...

Mandy, we always try to keep some carb-free stuff around as well, just in case the snacking urge hits when it's not the best idea to add carbs. A glass of water and some crunchy salad stuff will get the stomach to stop complaining, at least!!

Mandy said...

Thanx for the suggestion. I need to find some "acceptable" carb free solutions to have at parties. My friends would laugh me out of the house if I had made a salad while they are cracking beers and chips. It's just not fair that way, and I already give them plenty of reasons to make fun.