Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"A Tool You Can Use"

Today, I received the latest edition of Diabetes Forecast, that I got with my ADA membership. I found the first article to be of particular interest.

Recently, Richard Kahn, Chief Scientific Officer of the American Diabetes Association, made many upsetting comments about diabetes and the usefulness of it's technology. He also questioned the need for home blood sugar testing for those diabetics not using insulin. Many outraged bloggers and PWDs called him out on this speech which did nothing in the name of advocacy for PWDs.

Well, Diabetes Forecast which is put out by the ADA, ran an article this month named, "A Tool You Can Use", by Christy L. Parkin. The whole article centered around the new doubt about home monitoring effectiveness. It sounds like a disclaimer to appease those of us who were outraged.
"The American Diabetes Association and other organizations recommend frequent use of SMBG by people who use insulin to treat their diabetes. However, in response to new research findings, some health care payers are beginning to question the value of SMBG in non-insulin treated diabetes....However, before we jump to any conclusions, we need to first take a closer look at the research studies that are driving the issue."

While the article makes excellent points about the studies and states, "SMBG is not a substitute for effective, aggressive diabetes management; it simply makes it possible.", I can't help but feel this was totally about damage control. It actually makes me angrier. Kahn seemed very self-righteous in his response to Amy Tenderich's blog statement about his speech. He made no attempt to clarify or change his opinion and HE REPRESENTS THE ADA (AND THEY REPRESENT US!!!)Now, it seems awfully hypocritical to publish an article giving way a little. I mean, do you think the insurance companies will listen to him when it comes to reimbursement or listen to a small article published by a writer in a magazine for PWDs.
I still plan to not support the ADA anymore. At least, not until Richard Kahn, and those who supposedly advocate for us, come out with statements and speeches that don't sound like the insurance companies wrote them!

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